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A 17th century manor house, an independent micronation, 7 acres of woods, meadows and gardens, a garden, a heated pool, 5 offbeat style guest rooms, a private restaurant with its own chef, three consuls with beautiful white feathers on their hats ...

• Asia Lazy: exotic delights of a room in golden honey as an office of the East India Company

• Pompadour flash :anise spice and tender pink confront in this little room where the style of Louis XV was been revisited by the pop-art

• ChromoZone: magic bayadère of a colorful space with shower room and garden

• " Le dispensaire ": total antiseptic fantasy, all red and white, fun and functional, this small room opens directly onto the pool water slate ...

• The Consulathèque:

In this Empire style's office, languishing on the couch, you can relax (and get educated).

Adjoining the Pompadour Flash room.


Description of accommodation
Accommodation name CONSULAT DE LA BOIRIE
City regions Sarthe
Accommodation type Bed and Breakfast Chambre d'hôte
Number of places available 10
Number of Rooms 5
Room 1 117.00
Room 2 117.00
Room 3 80.00
Room 4 67.00
Room 5 67.00
Guest table/per 58.00
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Guest house website Chambre d'hôte Consulat de La Boirie
Full Name Bed and breakfast Consulat de La Boirie
Address Pascal Moiron Consulat de la Boirie
City Chassins St-Georges-de-la-Couée
Postcode 72150
Phone 02 43 79 17 25
Cell Phone 06 12 33 57 64
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Wifi, Pool, Disabled access, Gardens, Tables of hosts, Restaurants nearby, Non-smoking