Best B&B (Haute Saone)

Next to the dear little 18th-century château stands a tiny baroque chapel tenderly maintained by the ladies of the house. Susanne and Eva have given both the facelift they deserved - windows sparkle and floorboards gleam.

Petit Château seventeenth and eighteenth nestled in a park of 2 hectares, former home of Otto of Vaite, rebuilt after a fire in 1640 by the French.

Small castle from the XVII° and XIII° in his park of 2hect.Antic country castle of Othon de Vaite, rebuilt in 1640 after by the French 

Preigney a charming little village in Haute-Saone, la Cure des Arts will host at the ground-floor, changing exhibitions by local and international artists , according to the findings of Francois Koenig, esthetic passion for art.

This beautiful house has been completely restored to accommodate five guest rooms (one single, two doubles and two suites. The mood of this restoration in the concerns of comfort, was to maintain the peaceful and serene and characteristics of the place.

If you are fond of flowers and gardens, then have a break at this unforgettable place built in the 1890s, all the more since it is registered in the Racine Book, recording the 750 loveliest gardens in France You will be able to choose from 5 bedrooms in that charming and peaceful manor-house that was built by the PLM (railway line Paris-Lyon-Marseille) 

In a green valley at the foot of the Vosges Saônoises, Brigitte et André are pleased to welcome you to their guesthouse with rustic decor. 

Halfway between Besancon and Vesoul, on the banks of Ognon, quality accommodation in a beautiful house of the XVIIIth harmoniously decorated.  

Located on the peaceful banks of the Saône, close to the hillside, discover the charms of Ray sur Saône, small town of character in Franche-Comté , where Isabelle and Dominique will be pleased to welcome you, for one evening, a weekend or a week in their large house completely renovated, where 5 guest rooms are created

Just everyone coming to this place will be charmed by its harmonic ambience and well-fostered genuineness. So will also do the warm welcome and hospitality extended by its owners, Fabienne and her husband Roland.